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Give your savings a boost with BND Bond

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If you’re looking for an investment, but want to make sure that your money is channeled into a tried and tested marketplace, then BND may the solution for you

BENIDORM, ALICANTE, SPAIN, February 23, 2018 / -- One thing is certain in our unpredictable economic times: people always look forward to a great vacation. Spending time relaxing with family and friends in the sunshine, enjoying good food and taking time out from the stresses of daily life. For decades the Spanish coastal resort of Benidorm has been synonymous with exactly this. Benidorm’s position as one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations is set in stone, which is why BND Levante Group (BND) has made this booming city in Alicante the focus of its investment offering.

BND owns prime real estate across Benidorm, and through its bond scheme, allows groups or individuals to invest in the city’s lucrative vacation rental market in a simple and secure manner. Short-term rentals have become incredibly popular with tourists who enjoy greater freedom and a more personal and comfortable experience. Unlike many hotels, you can spread out, choose when you eat and live like a local. The hand-picked properties that comprise BND’s portfolio provide assured year-round rental returns from visitors looking to enjoy Benidorm’s balmy summers and mellow autumn and winter seasons.
Nobody knows Benidorm better than BND. The company is based in the city and knows its neighborhoods and rental market inside out. BND can even testify to the fact that the city’s tourism and real estate climates remained unaffected by the financial crisis of 2007-14; investment in new property simply continued as usual.

How to invest?
Investing in Benidorm’s thriving vacation rental market has never been easier. Investors purchase bonds online through BND’s website and enjoy assured returns of 8 to 11% per year. The process is hassle-free. There are no mortgages, no need to find tenants; simply an easy and secure investment that gives you a fixed monthly return. As the value of the bond is secured by BND’s prime real estate portfolio, the BND Real Estate Bond II is a safe and consistent option for investors of all levels.
The interest you receive depends on the amount of time you invest. Periods of 3,5, or 7 years are available, which generate returns of 8, 9.5 and 11% respectively. If, for example, you invest 10,000 euros in a 5-year bond, you will receive 9.5% annual return for 5 years. The interest is then paid monthly (80 euros in this instance) into your bank account or to your own BND Levante Group debit card. After the chosen period BND will buy back you bond at the price you invested.

Guarantee and security
Demand for short-term vacation rentals in Benidorm is assured. Over the course of a year 85% of the city’s occupants are tourists. All of the properties that BND purchase are situated in prime locations and have a long history of generating substantial rental income. All bond holder funds are delivered to the trust account of a Spanish lawyer who ensures they are invested in strict accordance with BND’s terms and conditions. BND always seeks the very best investment opportunities: the firm doesn’t take risks with its own money, and it won’t take risks with yours. But should BND get into trouble, the bond holders have first rights on the real estate over both the creditors and BND. This provides extra security and ensures bond holders recoup their initial investment.

About bonds
A bond is a debt security. When you buy a bond, you’re effectively lending money to a company or other entity. In return, the company promises to pay you a fixed rate of interest at scheduled intervals until the end of the loan period. At the end of the loan period your loan principal is returned in full. A company borrowing money directly from its investors can usually pay a higher interest rate than a bank. Bonds are generally regarded as a safer option than stocks, which can go up or down. Unlike stocks, bonds offer predictable, scheduled returns.

Why Benidorm
Bad weather never really occurs in Benidorm, so when you choose to go simply depends on your preferences. From June to September it rarely drops below 20°C with peaks of 30°C in August. Even in December, temperatures average around 12°C, with average highs for the month at 15°C. The city boasts 6 km of beautiful golden beaches stretching from Levante Beach in the east to Poniente Beach in the west. Most consistently achieve Blue Flag standards, are patrolled by lifeguards, and are lined with cafes, restaurants and bars to suit all tastes.
But Benidorm is not all about the beaches; the area is jam-packed with exciting entertainment for all the family. There are jeep tours to explore the spectacular mountains and coastal roads, mountain bike trails and hiking tours. And then there’s the rich and varied nightlife ranging from vibrant nightclubs to tranquil traditional restaurants. Benidorm welcomes visitors all year round, which is why the city is home to such an exciting short-term rental market. It’s also the reason BND Levant Group’s real estate bond is proving such a winner for so many investors around the world.

Further information:

BND Levante Group believes that an investment in bonds may be subject to a number of risks. Prospective investors should consider carefully all of the information set out in this risk disclosure and the risks attaching to an investment in the company, in particular the risks described in the risk disclosure, before making any investment decisions. Head to the BND website to find out more.

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